Tech Transfer & Tech Commercialization

Technology transfer is the process of allowing the use of technology for a new application, a new product, or a new service. Technology transfer therefore allows us to add value, to commercialize a technology, whether new or already known, from the developer of this technology to the future users of this technology.

PATectual offers state of the art and extensive services to identify potential candidate applications for technology transfer. This identification is based on the inventory of the benefits provided by the technology: improvement of performance, cost reduction, easy implementation, etc.

PATectual offers this service based on the requirement of technology by industries or offers service to the innovator & technology holders to get connected with partnering industry. It can involve licensing agreements or setting up joint ventures and partnerships to share both the risks and rewards of bringing new technologies to market.

PATectual offers technology commercialization services to support MSMEs for their product quality and profitability improvement.

PATectual supports clients by working within their budgets and providing customized cost-effective solutions. Whatever your location, size, sector or commercial needs are, PATectual is ready and well equipped to understand your business and technology requirements and can offer multiple business models based solutions to satisfy the needs of smaller to larger business entities.

To make this cost effective, PATectual also supports industry for the potential technology acquisition via availing benefits available from various Government schemes and policies.