Freedom to Operate

A freedom to operate study is rarely a single event and for our team it marks the beginning of many years’ guardianship of a product entering the market.

PATectual’s approach is sector-specific. Freedom to operate is about uncovering lurking threats, and at PATectual we not only shine the brightest light on those threats, but we also possess the strongest arsenal to mitigate them.

We are valued most for the work that comes after the search has been analyzed. Where a re-design is necessary, our attorneys provide the technical input necessary to ensure our clients stay comfortably outside the boundaries of third party protection.

In addition to patent and design searches, our trade mark team conducts clearance searches for proposed new trade marks. Again, we aim to offer strategic advice which will serve the client’s commercial objectives, and to provide pragmatic risk analyses that are informed by our experience of enforcing and defending trademarks in the courts.

PATectual also offers a state of the art patent searches related to IP Landscape report preparation, Patentability and Novelty Search, Invalidation/Validation Search, Non Infringement/Right to Use Search, Claim Mapping, Knock out search etc.