We work hard to maintain a collaborative atmosphere and friendly feel. We are team players and respect each other’s opinions and are professional but relaxed. We expect you to work hard and perform, but not without encouragement and investment from us.

We are renowned for our patent and trade mark training programme and offer a professional education in conjunction with hands-on practical experience. This includes the opportunity to work with diverse and exciting clients at the forefront of innovation in a supportive and relaxed environment.

At PATectual during a eight-ten week internship program, you’ll be exposed to the full range and diversity of an intellectual property law practice. You’ll receive real work assignments involving IP prosecution, licensing, trademark, copyright, and the drafting of opinions and briefs. You’ll receive specialized training that complements your legal studies in areas such as legal writing, patent application filing strategies, overview of licensing. You’ll meet peers drawn from top law schools across the country and have ample opportunity to socialize with PATectual partners and associates—all in structured circumstances that stress professionalism, training, and development.

Willing to join the team of PATectual, as Intern ….