PATectual is pro actively involved in spreading Intellectual Property awareness, knowledge and its applications in to the society, covering all stakeholders like students, researchers, professors, startups, MSMEs, governments, institutes and universities etc.

The founder of PATectual, Shri Amitkumar Patel is also servicing as advisory and core strategy planner for numerous start-ups, MSMEs, industry associations, academic institutions and universities for innovative culture build up and strategic applications of IP and IP portfolio building and guiding them for strategic partnership and IP commercialization.

On demand PATectual also plans and conducts a tailor made IP programs, starting from 2 hours to 2 week extensive training sessions for R&D team of industry, government, startup and incubation centers, academic institution etc.

PATectual also frequently supports the needy and underprivileged stakeholders of the society for due IP protection on their creations on a Pro bono basis.

The key kinds of other services and supports provided by PATectual are as follows:

Pro Bono

IP Training & Education


Legal Translation Services

Ancillary Services

Useful Links