MSME Advisory

PATectual IP Law Services in partnership with our associates is having a strong connection with a large network of MSMEs and Associations of Industry across India and also on a multi-country basis. We provide our end to end services for MSME needs related to their technology-based growth journey.

  • Our MSME Advisory services include (but not limited to):
  • Patented technologies for acquisitions and partnership
  • Foreign Technology Importation
  • Integration of Sector-Specific Available Government Schemes
  • Technology Identification & Recommendations
  • Technology Solutions for Product and Process Problems
  • Techno-Economic Viability
  • Product Identification
  • Potential Partners Identification for Expansion
  • Selection of suitable machinery
  • Technology Up gradation / modernization
  • ISO Certifications
  • Industrial designing
  • Preparation of project profiles and project evaluation
  • Market & Industrial potential servicing
  • Economic Information Service
  • Comprehensive database and market research support
  • Market survey and feasibility report.