Global IP

PATectual provides end to end support for all kinds of IP protection on a worldwide basis through a strong network of associates and partners. We provide state of the art advice and strategy to have proper IP protection at a minimal investment risk.

PATectual provides extensive services for:

  • International Patent
  • International Trademark
  • International Design
  • International Copyright
  • International Geographical Indication

International Patent

  • Patent Opinion and Strategic Counselling
  • PCT National Phase Entry in India
  • PCT Filing
  • PCT National Phase Entry in Other Countries
  • Foreign Filing Via Conventional Route
  • Foreign Filing License
  • Patent Assignment
  • Patent Validity
  • Patent & Technologies Tracking
  • Patent Research & Analytics Competitor Tracking
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Valuation

International Trademark

  • Trademark Global Strategy
  • Brand Selection Advice
  • Madrid Protocol India
  • International Trademark Search
  • Clearance of Title in Other Countries
  • Trademark Protection Worldwide
  • Trademark Licensing, Assignment and Franchising
  • Trademark Journal Watch Services
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Validity
  • Trademark Valuation
  • Trademark Management
  • Trademark Analytics
  • Domain Name Search
    Domain Disputes

International Design

  • Analyze Design Novelty
  • International Design Search
  • International Design Protection in Multiple Countries
  • Design Application Status Tracking
  • Design Assignment and Licensing
  • Design Journal Watch Services
  • Design Portfolio Management

International Copyright

  • Strategic Counseling and Opinions
  • Copyright Filing and Prosecution
  • Post registration recordal service
  • Opposition proceeding and rectification
  • Infringement and validity advice
  • Copyright Litigation
  • Take Down Notice
  • Copyright Transactions
  • Assignment, Licensing and Transfer Services
  • Anti-piracy measures 
    Copyright Specific agreements

International Geographical indication

  • Geographical Indication Application & Registration in Other Countries
  • Registration of Authorized Users for Geographical Indication in Other Countries