IP Research & Analytics


Though the protection offered by a patent is territorial, covering only the jurisdiction in which the patent has been granted, the information contained in a patent document is global, available as a disclosure to any individual or organization worldwide, thus allowing anyone to learn from and build on this knowledge.

IP research and analytics have a wide range of applications from intellectual property management, to merger and acquisition targeting and due diligence, to stock market valuation.

PATectual provides the complete range of services and solutions relating to technology market research based on Patent research and analytics to corporates and consulting firms around the globe. Patent information is an important resource for researchers and inventors, entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises, and patent professionals.

PATectual has the requisite skill set to analyze the problem statement and execute its research projects based on the identified problem and attempt to get only the data relevant to the solution of such a problem. PATectual has the experience in deriving maximum value from research by providing comprehensive technology market and revenue analysis reports on companies/products/technologies.

PATectual has access to worlds best paid patent and non-patent literature databases to carry out such in depth and most important assignments for our clients.

Technology market research plays a vital role in Intellectual Property Matters such as Licensing, Technology Transfer, and Litigation. Such reports help the client/attorney in identifying the key competitors, emerging players/products, market covered by a particular technology, among other desired information.

PATectual combines a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to our clients. We can provide reports in syndicated formats or which can be customized to include the key elements that clients prefer to have analyzed as part of their research objectives.