IP Training & Education

PATectual is actively involved in IP training, education and spreading the IP awareness amongst MSMES, entrepreneurs, individuals and start-ups through seminars and online guidance sessions in the Indian society.

PATectual designs and facilitates customized IP workshops and seminars for a wide range of businesses from small, privately-owned companies to multinational corporations in all sectors, throughout India and globally.

PATectual team has successfully conducted more than 400 seminars and workshops on varied themes related to IPR for a diver background of participants.

Our workshops integrate practical exercises with “real world” IP problem sets, providing evaluation and prompt feedback for participants.

Representative audience groups and topics include:

  • Basics of IPR
  • Need of IPR for Research & Businesses
  • Research & development team workshops on commercializing inventions
  • IP coordinators for effective management of the companies’ IP portfolio
  • Advanced seminars for in-house counsel & lawyers
  • Marketing & advertising team’s seminars on brand building, exploitation & protection
  • Seminars for top-level management to understand IP valuation, licensing & transfer of technology
  • Specialized seminars and workshops for different tiers of management
  • Protection of IP for Universities & Educational Institutions