Dispute Resolution & Mediation

The reality of IP ownership and exploitation is the possibility of disputes, whether that may be a person infringing or encroaching on your IP, or defending against such allegations. We seek to deal holistically with IP disputes, which can involve a range of different options and strategies to maximize your outcomes.

Our Mediation Group consists of experienced attorneys available to mediate a wide range of disputes. Investing time and money in a courtroom battle is not the only approach to resolve a legal dispute. In mediation, a mediator as a neutral party guides both parties to come to a joint resolution, which offers the opportunity to develop creative and business-oriented solutions which would not be available through the traditional litigation path.

There is more than one right way. We offer tailor-made solutions to manage your internal and external IP conflicts to your utmost benefit.

Our Mediation Services include:

  • Consultation on instruments/options for a tailor-made conflict strategy
  • Hosting IP Mediation Proceedings as neutral Mediator, e.g. in the context of infringement or nullity actions, settlement negotiations, employee inventor disputes, license matters, R&D projects etc.
  • Organization of external IP Mediators from our network
  • Party representation in IP mediation proceedings
  • Hosting of “Round Table Talks” to approach internal or external IP conflicts
  • Development of In-House Conflict Management Systems